Project Highlight:  Subtitles for Mothers in India

Translators without Borders volunteer Leandro Reis is leading a project to subtitle health films into over a dozen Indian languages including Telugu, Gujarati and Kannada. These films, created by the Mother and Child Health and Education Trust, will encourage hospitals and community health workers to teach new mothers about breast feeding their babies.

His subtitling work is being carried out on the dotSUB.com platform.

Why is this so important? Because each day 11,000 babies die in the developing world from preventable causes. Of those who die, 22 percent could survive if their mothers had better knowledge about breastfeeding.

Thanks to the volunteers you see here, and many others, Translators without Borders is working to ensure that in the future, mothers in India will know how to keep their babies healthy.

Satish Krishna Itikela (Telugu)

Satish Krishna Itikela is a fully bilingual freelance translator, editor, proofreader, reviewer, language consultant, linguistic validator, transcriber, cross culture assistant and project manager, Indian-born professional. He has over 12 years of experience in translation both English to Telugu and vice-versa. Having work steadily with many agencies and research organizations as a translator, editor and proofreader, his main expertise is freelance English to Telugu Medical translation.


Md Abu Alam (Bengali)

With 13 years experience in translation, proofreading, transcription, website localization, software localization, sub-titling, and voice-over in Bengali to/from English, Md Abu Alam’s specializations are education, law, business, construction, marketing/market research, human resources, news, tourism and travel, economics, and medical. After getting the opportunity to deal with languages in some reputed organizations, which helped him enriched in both Bengali and English languages, he became interested in translation work.


Mohammed Fahim (Tamil)

Mohammed Fahim is a young, energetic and experienced professional translator from Weligama, Sri Lanka. His specializations include medical, business, social, psychological, academic, legal and general translations. He has gained good recognition for his works from all over the world. His clients come from many businesses including government departments and universities etc. from American, European, Asian and Australian continents. He is fluent in several languages and offers his services in translation, voice-over and other language related services.

Umang Dholabhai (Gujarat)

Umang Dholabhai is a native Gujarati and settled in Surat, Gujarat. He has a near native proficiency in English, it being the medium of instruction throughout his career. He is a post graduate in Medical Microbiology from the Mumbai University having passed the M.Sc in 1984. He specializes in translating texts related to medicine, surgery and pharmaceuticals. He has been translating full time since he was 6 years old. 

Varsha Pendse-Joshi (Marathi)

As a native Marathi-English translator, Varsha Pendse-Joshi has been working in the translation field since 2001. Apart from Marathi, she also works in Japanese-English, Hindi-English language pairs. Occasionally, she writes articles in Marathi in the newspapers and magazines on various topics including the profession of translation.



Muhammad Ikram (Urdu)

Muhammad Ikram has been a native Urdu translator from Pakistan for more than four years. He is a freelance translator in various fields such as social sciences, law, medical, IT, website translation, technical documents and manuals. His services are not only translation, but also interpreting (live, online and telephonic), localization, subtitling, voice over/dubbing and transcription( Both in Urdu and English).


Ambily Rajesh (Malayalam)

Ambily has seven years of experience in translation, localization and content management. Her career started with Webdunia India Pvt Ltd , the first Indian language portal and IT services company. After four years, she turned to freelance translation and continuing. She is specialized in medical, IT, technical, and non-technical fields.



Manmohan Kaur (Panjabi)

Manmohan has more than 20 years of translator experience in several languages including (English-Hindi, English- Punjabi). She also is an editor (Hindi), and proofreader. Her specializations are technical, literary, medical and legal translations in various sectors. She is also fully versed in text processing, with a very good knowledge of CAT tools, such as Wordfast, TRADOS & SDLX.


Katya Yani (Kannada)

Katya provides translation services in Kannada (Kanarese), specializing in healthcare, software, pharmaceutical, and education. She has two years of professional experience. She has done many volunteer translations for Translations without Borders.


Sanjeev Poonia (Hindi)

Sanjeev has 10 years experience in translation, interpreting, editing/proofreading, website localization, subtitling, transcription, and desktop publishing services in Hindi. At present, he works as a freelance translator in the domains of medical, agriculture, I.T., environment, hydrolics, general translation, education, geography, advertisement and communications, research documents on various subjects, among many others.


Leandro Reis

Leandro has been in software globalization for over 20 years, most of them with Adobe. Based in California, he is an avid traveller, die-hard Brazil soccer fan, and proud family man. This is his first volunteering assignment with Translators without Borders, managing the communication with the volunteer translators.

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