Localization World is coming up!

We hope that everyone is getting excited for Localization World!  We would just like to start by saying thank you to all of the donors who generously provided us with donations to raffle at our booth.  You are the ones who are making our work possible

Check out some of the great prizes we have, thanks to these donors:

  • GRAND PRIZE – A Weekend Getaway at Chateau de Berne, coach airfare, transfers and evening meals included. (2012 Season)
  • An iPad2 donated by Localization World with a Zagg keyboard/case, earphones and a mic donated by Sajan
  • An Amex $500 Gift Card donated by Language Line 
  • Kinect thanks to Daniel Goldschmidt and Iris Orriss from Microsoft
  • An Xbox donated by Lionbridge
  • An Ultra HD Flip Video Camera donated by GeoFluent, Lionbridge
  • Photoshop CS5 thanks to Adobe
  • A Czech Bohemian crystal vase donated by Moravia, along with a bottle of Scotch from XTM, a writing pen from Larsen Recruiting, and a $50 iTunes gift card from Clay Tablet
  • Kobo reader donated by Multicorpora with a $50 iTunes gift card from Clay Tablet
  • An iPad2 from Common Sense Advisory with a Zagg keyboard/case donated byLexcelera
  • An Ultra HD Flip Video Camera donated by Translation Workspace, Lionbridge
  • Bose noise canceling headset donated by Visatec
  • A crystal donated by Orrefors
  • An iPod Touch donated by Congree Language Technologies GmbH with a $50 iTunes gift card from Clay Tablet

Make sure you come by the Translators without Borders booth at the conference and buy some raffle tickets to win one of these great prizes!

Ticket prices are as follows:
1 ticket = $10/€8
3 tickets = $25/€20
7 tickets = $50/€40

We can’t wait to see you in Barcelona!

Willingness to Work Again

ProZ.com is a Translators without Borders partner organization that provides a powerful technological platform for outsourcing translations for the NGOs that Translators without Borders help in their humanitarian work.

The ProZ.com professionals created a system that helps the users to request, collect and display feedback from clients and colleagues in their profiles in the form of their “willingness to work again” (“WWA”) with the translators. This is a way to appeal to potential clients and to set a translator apart in the ProZ.com directory.

Many translators who volunteer their time and expertise to help Translators without Borders deliver on translation projects for humanitarian not-for-profit organizations have received the WWA feedback. It means that Translators without Borders provides high quality professional service to partner NGOs.

The volunteer translators who received Willingness to Work Again (WWA) feedback as a result of working on Translators without Borders projects include Katie Voutt, Blandine Drooghmans, Susan Pasco, Norah Mulvihill, Manuela Mariño Beltrán, Géraldine Bestel, Monique Sarah, Carol Chaykin and many others.

Find out more about how the Willingness to Work Again feature works.

Blog AuthorBy Marina Sayfulina, former Translators without Borders Social Media volunteer  

The Elephant in the Access to Information Room

When health information is not in the right language, it is useless.

Translation. Practically no one is talking about delivering appropriate information in a language that people understand. Because if they are to get the benefit of it, people need health information in their language, not ours.”

Lori Thicke writes about the “elephant in the room” in the discussion of information and knowledge access for all. Read her full article here.