The TWB Cookbook

Translators without Borders latest project: The TWB Cookbook!

The Translators without Borders (TWB) Cookbook project, launched in January 2016, was inspired by posts in the Foodie Translators Facebook group, created by Claire Cox.  When a member posted a recipe from her grandmother’s cookbook, someone suggested creating a family cookbook from the dozens of posted recipes.  Other members suggested using it as a fundraiser and supporting TWB!  As TWB Volunteer Manager, I accepted this proposal and the TWB Cookbook is quickly coming to life. The cookbook will soon be published as a series of downloadable PDF files on the TWB website. People who who access the recipes are encouraged to donate using the Donation tab on the website.  We also hope to make a printed version available at a later date.

The first recipe is for the veggie soup Ifty and his team of volunteers serve to hundreds (sometimes thousands) of refugees every day on the Greek island of Chios.  The soup is served from a woodfired soup kitchen, shown in the photo below.

The cookbook project has attracted lots of interest from people wanting to participate with TWB.  The cookbook was also  featured in the Institute for Translators and Interpreters London Regional Group Newsletter! This is a positive and fun way to raise awareness for TWB. A big thanks to all Foodie Translators group who has helped make this a reality. Your support is wonderful.

TWB supporters are welcome to contribute original recipes, (not subject to copyright or taken from websites or cookbooks).  For more information and the template for submitting recipes, please contact [email protected].

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by Sue Fortescue

[email protected]