Shedding calories and having fun – all for a good cause

This year, Translators without Borders was very lucky to have the support of a number of translators and translation companies who ran a bit, biked a bit – and even just worked out – all in the name of greater access to knowledge around the world. These creative efforts to support the work we do, and to allow us to do a bit more, were exciting in that they combined interests in physical accomplishment with translation and greater access to information. To top it off, they were fun. Here’s a quick look at the fundraisers.

Alex Reuer was one of the first to organize an event – the 10K Bristol run in the spring. Alex, a freelance translator from the area, encouraged some of her friends to join her, and then she developed a simple crowdfunding page to raise funds to voice over 15 mother’s health videos (from the Global Health Media Project) into Swahili.

“The decision to run this year’s Bristol 10k was made last year, after taking part in a 5k cross-country fun race with a friend. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to set ourselves a new goal. The Bristol 10k was to be my first sort-of-serious running challenge, so I resolved to make it a first in another way as well: my first ever charity run,” Alex said. “Being a translator with a strong personal and professional interest in human rights, picking a TWB fundraising project was the natural thing to do for me. My fellow team members (one more translator plus three Germans) loved the idea, so off we went and created a fundraising page. In no time at all, we had exceeded our initial fundraising target. We then raised our target and exceeded it again! In the end, more than 800 GBP were donated to our cause. We were completely bowled over by all the support people have shown for our run and for TWB, and are delighted that ‘our’ project is now fully funded! What a fantastic experience – thanks to all our supporters, and to TWB for the stellar work they do.”

TTC wetranslate provided the rest of the funding for the video voice over project by organizing a bikeathon in the fall. With 65 riders taking part over 24 hours, the team covered 1047 kilometers and raised 1000 GBP. Additionally, Lori Thicke, TWB founder, was able to visit the organizers in the fall to give added support.TTC Bikeathon team

Like the Bristol team, the Bikeathon group used GoFundMe online to raise the funds. It is one of several online tools that assist in mounting fundraising campaigns. Others include JustGiving and

Another event was mounted by EnssnerZeitgeist Translations in Germany. Employee enthusiasm for running combined with an interest in doing a fundraiser to create a fun run at the tekom Fair in November and beyond. The team continued to run after tekom and has donated 10 cents to TWB for every kilometer run.

These are just a few examples of the creative fundraisers that have really taken off this year. They represent inspiring and healthy ways to get involved and help us save lives through translation. Thank you everyone!



Rebecca Petras, Program Director of Translators without Borders