Combatting barriers in a world without borders

With some 275 lawyers working in 11 major US cities and a network of affiliates around the world, Epstein Becker Green (EBG) is ideally placed to help international organizations such as Translators without Borders (TWB). In recognition of its professional responsibility to the communities that it serves, EBG’s corporate ethos encourages attorneys and other staff to work on pro bono projects and to volunteer their time on community-based projects. In 2012 alone, EBG’s attorneys spent some 5,300 hours on more than 100 pro bono projects, including some crucial work for TWB.

Legal advice around the globe

Aime Dempsey, a senior attorney working in EBG’s New York office, explains: “Epstein Becker Green was founded in 1973 to serve the healthcare industry. Since then it has developed into one of the largest and best-known legal practices dedicated to the healthcare and life sciences sector. Translators without Borders’ focus on health information fits well with this key area. Our other four core practice areas are: labor and employment, litigation, corporate services, and employee benefits, and our international network means we have ready access to top-flight lawyers and legal advice around the globe.

“Our pro bono program encourages attorneys to focus on projects of personal interest or related to our specific areas of practice. We can identify these on our own or through the structured pro bono opportunities made available by the firm and through partnerships with other organizations. My contribution to Translators without Borders started early this year when I became aware of TWB through its Program Director Rebecca Petras – who is my sister. I had been unaware that so much critical health, education and crisis-related information was failing to reach underprivileged parts of Africa and India owing to language barriers – yet these are the very communities that are in most need of this information. Rebecca’s passion for and commitment to Translators without Borders is inspirational.”

Believing in the power of knowledge

“I passionately believe in the power of knowledge, and in trying to get assistance directly to those who need it most. I love being able to assist TWB, which has such crucial global reach. Though I am not fluent in any other languages myself, I am pleased at the thought of important information getting to people in their own languages, so that they can augment their own knowledge on their own terms. I am delighted to be able to assist Translators without Borders with its mission in all ways that I can. I have consulted with TWB on a couple of matters this year, most recently on a proposal to adjust the size of the Board of Directors and make some potential future adjustments to its by-laws and governance. If I can play a small part in this inspirational organization from my office in New York, that’s great – I love it!”


Sarah Powell


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