New Project Manager role and more freedom with files

The Translators without Borders Workspace powered by is now also available to corporate members. Several translation companies are using it to manage their commercial translation work, and their feedback and requests keep the platform evolving and improving.

New PM roles for the Workspace

The project manager role has been redefined with the following characteristics:

  • PMs can create work orders and access and manage the work orders and jobs they create;
  • PMs will have no access to jobs created by others, unless specifically invited;
  • PMs can be invited to a new work order (and all associated jobs) created by others;
  • PMs can also be invited to participate in a job already created by others; and
  • PMs will have no access to other critical information in the Workspace.

More freedom with source files

One of the main requests received was for a more flexible management of source files when creating a new work order. To this end:

  • all restrictions on file type were removed for the upload of source and reference files;
  • the restriction on file size remains (up to 10 MB) but it is now possible to create a work order without uploading a source file. Larger files can, for instance, be stored in a cloud service (such as Dropbox), while including the access information and the word count in the work order form;
  • this new feature is also useful for deploying and assigning a project while awaiting the final source file; and
  • it is also appropriate for creating a work order from a mobile device with bandwidth or file handling limitations.
Source file not to be uploaded

Source file not to be uploaded

Selecting “Source file not to be uploaded” will allow a work order to be created without uploading a source file. Information on how the file(s) can be accessed should be included in the Notes or Special Instructions areas. Also, a box will open to enable the file word count to be manually entered.

Client work order codes

When creating a new work order, it is now possible, to record a client code in the work order and all jobs associated with it. This code is searchable and will enable clients to track their translation requests in line with their own project management systems.

Client codes

Client codes

New support platform

Information on these new features and other TWB Workspace characteristics can be found on the new support page.

Enrique Cavalitto program manager responsible for the translation center. Formerly TWB board member and responsible for the TWB translation operation.

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