News from the Translation Center

We have introduced some new processes and capabilities for the Workspace. Please let us know what you think!

Service agreements for translators

We have added service agreements to our process in order to protect the privacy of content and ensure confidentiality.  Translators acting as Translators without Borders (TWB) volunteers now will be asked to endorse a service agreement stating:

  • The service provider agrees to treat as confidential all texts and other intellectual property of the client received or accessed in the Translators without Borders Workspace, and to take steps to protect that confidentiality.
  • TWB volunteers are free to accept or decline any task offered to them. Once a task is accepted, it should be delivered with the same quality and dedication given to a paid job.

Since these commitments are included in professional guidelines {} for translation service providers, many of our volunteers have already endorsed then. Only translators who have not endorsed these guidelines will be asked to do so, or to endorse a TWB specific service agreement.

Files can now be uploaded in comments

It is possible now to upload a file in the comments posted on job pages. This will help translators who have already uploaded a file and marked the task as complete, and then need to release a new version, for instance because an error was found and corrected. It was previously necessary to reopen the task, but now the translator can simply upload the new file with a comment. This will also be useful for sharing glossaries, translation memories and other reference documents.

Message with attached files

Enhanced dashboards

Both clients and translators will benefit from the enhanced dashboards accessible from the ‘home’ menu option. On their dashboard, clients will find two tabs for ‘active jobs’ and ‘overdue jobs,’ while the options for translators are ‘active assigned tasks,’ ‘available tasks’ and ‘completed tasks’. In all cases a list will be presented, and clicking on the link will lead to the corresponding job or task.

Work orders can be searched by keywords

There is a ‘search work order’ button in the ‘work orders’ -> ‘view work orders’ menu option for clients who need to find a previously posted work order. A new ‘keywords’ option has been added to allow for the search of work orders for keywords in titles and descriptions. Some clients have posted a lot of work orders, so an enhanced search feature will be welcome. Other search filters include ‘order status’ and ‘project.’



Enrique Cavalitto