It is with great pleasure that Translators without Borders announces its new Fund-a-Project crowd-funding initiative.

We often are contacted by supporters who express their interest in helping us spread knowledge through language but who have limited funds for sponsorship or membership. We also receive requests to fund specific projects rather than our general operating needs.

At the same time, there are also a large number of very important projects that require a relatively small amount of funding – but that we cannot do without that funding in place. These smaller projects make a real difference in creating access to knowledge but they still require funding to find, train and support translators in regional languages. The Fund-a-Project crowd-funding page will showcase these projects for donors to learn more about them, with donors able to choose which project they fund.

We are planning to showcase four projects at a time.  When a project is funded, a new project will be added. None of the projects will be started until funding is in place.

The first four projects focus on translation of health videos, manuals for well maintenance, and information on HIV-AIDs. They are based in India and Africa and range from $1,200 to $2,500 for full funding.

Supporters can help fund a project for as little as $5 up to the full amount. All supporters will be entitled to recognition on the TWB Special Projects webpage and a final report upon completion of the project.

Watch our social media channels to find out when the page is live – and join the cause: Fund-a-Project!

Lucy Williams