Over 10 million words delivered!

Words received and delivered

After receiving in February a record 873,735 words to be translated in the Translators without Borders Workspace powered by ProZ.com, May 2013 represented the highest volume ever delivered, with a total of 766,699 words.

From January 2011 to June 2013, our volunteer translators have delivered 10.8 million words to humanitarian organizations. During the last 12 months our workspace processed 6.61 million words and delivered 6.49 million words. This represents increments of 15.0% and 27.5% respectively over the 12-month period reported in our last newsletter.


 Monthly words 201307


The team of professionals approved by Translators without Borders reached 1,752 by the end of June, with a growth of 93 translators (5.6%) during the last 4 months. Since this is significantly lower than the growth in words received for translation, it serves as a signal that we need more translators recruited to cope with the expected demand.

Our top-five volunteers are: Eric Ragu, with an outstanding record of 157K words, followed by Edgar Marie-Hélène Cadieux (130K words), Ashutosh Mitra (116K words), Gail Desautels (103K words) and Ishaklamia (90K words).

Language pairs

During the last 12 months our translators accepted volunteer assignments in 94 language pairs. Top language pair was English to French, representing 19.7% of the operation, followed by French to English (15.8%), English to Spanish (12.5%), Spanish to English (3.3) and English to Arabic (3.2%).

Top pairs 201307


Overall, the top three pairs represented 48.0% of the words posted for translation in the last 12 months, a slight increment in respect to the 47.3% recorded for the 12 months ending in February 2013. English to Spanish grew from 9.4% to 12.5% (this is welcome, as this is the pair with the most volunteers) and English to Arabic is growing faster than Spanish to English and could overtake it as the fourth pair in the operation.

Montly pairs 201307


A record 100 humanitarian organizations requested our services during the last 12 months, a 12% increase with respect to the number reported in our last newsletter.

Top client is Wikipedia project, followed by Médicos sin Fronteras (Spain), and then Acción contra el Hambre (also from Spain) and Action contre la Faim, two branches of the same humanitarian organization. Then comes Médecins Sans Frontières from Switzerland.