In-Kind Sponsor – Asian Absolute

Asian Absolute has been a valuable In-Kind sponsor for Translators without Borders (TWB) since 2011, offering technical support and expertise for the organization website. We spoke to Henry Clough, Managing Director of Asian Absolute who told us about his experience collaborating with TWB.

“In 2011 I became aware of TWB through its presence at the Association of Translation Companies conference. We had been discussing within Asian Absolute how we could give back to society in a meaningful way, and I was immediately drawn to TWBboth its impressive achievements with the obvious commitment of the people involved, and also its relevance to what we do at Asian Absolute.

After a couple of email exchanges with Lori Thicke (founder of TWB) it became apparent that there was a need within TWB which lay within Asian Absolute’s core expertise and I offered to put our web engineering team at the disposal of TWB.

We provide maintenance and updates for the website.  Primarily this involves adding press releases and other external communications to the site, as well as updating the details of NGOs, sponsors and volunteers, and there’s some creative work from time to time developing new pages and functionality. The TWB team is very easy to work with and Asian Absolute is given the opportunity to contribute ideas towards the development of the digital presence, most recently during the planning for the new website.

Henry also talked a little about TWB’s new website:The old site was built in Drupal and we’ve now migrated to WordPress.  Our engineers are comfortable with both systems so for us the switch is just an exercise in developing new processes to reflect the new structure of the site.

Finally, he describes his experience with TWB as Very positive – the individuals at Asian Absolute who perform the tasks for TWB enjoy having the opportunity to apply our skills to an endeavour which is making such a positive impact on the world, and our wider team is inspired by TWB’s mission. The people at TWB are great to work with, we are impressed by the professionalism and efficiency which we encounter, reassuring us that the time we put in is well spent.”

The professional support TWB receives from Asian Absolute enables the organization to run one of it’s core outreach activities.

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