In the Words of Our Partners

Allison Kozicharow, Board Member, WiRED International Health Information and Education 

“Language is central to all of our educational efforts. Health education material is useless to people who cannot understand the language in which it is written. TWB greatly extends the reach of our programs and enables us to fully serve these remote areas.”


Dr Doug Quarry, Group Medical Director, Medical Information and Analysis at International SOS:

“Good communication of medical advice is absolutely critical if Ebola is going to be contained. It must be viewed as one of the weapons the global community has in the battle against the disease. In an effort to support the vital work to stop Ebola, we have made our educational materials publicly available across the world.  It is extremely important to provide medically accurate and easy to understand Ebola information in a community’s local language. Our posters, leaflets and video materials are being used across West Africa: In shops, hotels and banks. In clinics, hospitals and mining sites. They are also present in airports and at a number of checkpoints.  The translations are being requested by client organisations, regional and national governments plus charities and NGOs in West Africa and further afield. When Translators Without Borders asked if they could translate our medical content into several local languages for non-profit organisations, we immediately said yes. The use of these materials would simply not be so widespread without the work of Translators without Borders to help get this medical advice to the people who need it most.


Chris Thompson, President and Chairman of the Board, Humanity Road, when honoring TWB with the DaVinci Award: 

“As Typhoon Haiyan approached the coastline of the Philippines, Humanity Road reached out in partnership with Translators without Borders for assistance.  Their response to our request was fast and within hours we had our first translation assistance.  Lois Goldman and Noemi Katuin were assigned to our team and their support continued for weeks. They helped monitor social media in language and translated text and video messages emerging in social media.  The support provided by Translators without Borders helped save lives and also provided message relay support to reunite families who were rescued.”


Niels Peter Rygaard, DPA authorized psychologist, founder of FairStart, which trains orphanage workers around the world:

“On behalf of, we wish to thank you for your fantastic work, assisting child psychiatry professor Kamikado Kazuhiro, Nagano University, in his efforts to improve foster care and orphanage systems in Japan. Thanks to TWB, our caregiver and leader training programs are now available in Japanese at . Due to cultural barriers, the process of de-institutionalization and starting foster care systems in Japan has been very difficult, and the suicide rate among former foster care children in Japan has been high. This is a major concern for Dr. Kamikado, and we feel reassured that the use of programs will support his efforts to provide Japanese children with quality care educated foster parents.

We also thank TWB for other translations, and they have yielded major results.  For example, the Spanish version is now used in Spanish speaking areas, and recently Chilean Government has asked us to train trainers in the Spanish program version. Thanks again TWB for your invaluable help to create quality care for the 100 million children who grow up without parental care!”